Barnes Driving School Canberra

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Why choose Barnes?


There are loads of different driving schools offering driver training. So why choose Barnes? Click on the image above to learn what makes Barnes better then the rest?



Getting a Licence - Step by Step


The steps required to obtain your Drivers Licence in the ACT and NSW are marginally different. Click on the linked image above to get the full details for both regions.


Just Diagnosed with MD?


You got your licence - what next?


Passing all your tests and getting your first licence is only the start of your driving career. To learn more about your rights and responsibilities and the limitations of your licence, please click on the image above for more information.


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ACT Road Rules - Test yourself!


To get your licence you need to have a good working knowledge of the road rules. Knowing these rules will also keep you, and others, safe on the roads. To learn more please click on the image above.


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Tough new ACT drink driving rules


Tough new drink driving laws came into effect in Canberra on 1 December 2010 in an effort to curb the reckless drink driving culture needlessly endangering the lives of Canberrans. For more information please click on the photo above.

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Offroad 4WD Driver Training


Are you interested in expanding your off-road 4WD driving skills? If so then click on the image above to register your interest in our new 4WD Driver Training Program.


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Driving tips to save your life.


Click on the image above to pick up some excellent tips on staying alive and healthy whenever you drive. These tips have been gained over decades of driver training experience so this is a must see item for any new driver.