Barnes Driving School Canberra



BARNES: More than just a driving school


There are many driving schools out there but, because of our unique approach, Barnes has been a leader in the driver training field for decades. So what makes Barnes different, and so much better, than the rest?


First, we are driver training specialists - period! Unlike some competitors our primary business is not insurance, or roadside assistance or anything else except driver training. Our driver training program is not just some new money making venture tacked onto an already overwhelming list of services. We train drivers - that's all we do .... and we do it well because we have been doing it for decades and that experience means that our students get the very best driver training because we use techniques that we know really work.


Second, we regard driver training as a lot more than just teaching you how to drive. To be honest, learning to drive is easy provided you have any competent instructor. But just learning the mechanics of driving will not keep you alive on today's roads and this is why Barne's 65 plus years of driver training experience makes a huge difference.


Barnes Driver Training Stage 1


It doesn't matter whether you ultimately wish to drive a manual or automatic vehicle, Barnes recommends that you start learning on a vehicle with an automatic transmission. There are good reasons for this. When you take to the road we want to make sure you are concentrating on "driving" the car rather than on the more difficult muscular mechanics of synchronising clutch, gears and accelerator. Freed from the need to control "the machinery", new drivers are able to concentrate on the important part of driving, that is, the steering, accelerating and braking. Mind you, if you have a strong preference for manual transmission and you already have some basic driving skills then learning on a manual vehicle is ok too!


Note also that our cars do not have large "Driving School" logos or any corporate advertising so you won't feel embarassed when you are taking your driving lessons with us in one of our dual control vehicles.


Barnes Driver Training Stage 2


Once new drivers get the hang of driving then we start training them in the essential skills that will keep them safe on the roads. The key word here is "anticipation"! Anticipation is the art of figuring out what "might" happen before it actually "does" happen. Anticipation is working out what to do in advance of a problem occuring. Anticipation is learning to "think ahead" and take steps to avoid potential accidents. This is where our 65 years of collective Barnes driver training experience really counts. We will take you through all of the dangerous situations that you are likely to encounter whilst driving and we will train you what to do to avoid them. Another name for this type of driver training is "defensive driving".


All of our training vehicles feature dual controls so your instructor will be "in control" of your vehicle at all times during the learning process.


Barnes Driver Training Stage 3


Once the basic of driving have been accomplished people who need to drive a manual transmission will be given special instruction in the art of changing gears. By this time new drivers will already be familiar with the reality of navigating a car around the roads and the task of learning the specific skills of using the clutch, brake and gear levers will be introduced.


Barnes Driver Training Stage 4


The final stage of our driver training program is to provide our students with whole host of special techniques and tips to make their driving experience safer and more rewarding. During this phase we provide you with lots of practical experience in different conditions to get you familiar with the range of road conditions that you are likely to experience.


Barnes Driver Training Stage 5


Many of our students don't have their own cars when they commence driver training. Here's where Barnes goes way beyond any of our competitors. We can provide you with advice and assistance in picking out your first car .. in getting the best insurance deal and in getting your car registered and on the road. All you need to do is ask for our help and we will be happy to assist.